Proofing Tools


Proofing Τools are functional components of almost all contemporary text processors (e.g. MS Word, Open Office Writer, Lotus Word Pro) and professional publishing systems (e.g. Adobe InDesign, Quark Xpress). They help their users (typists, typesetters, writers, translators, editors, etc.) to carry out automatically a set of text processing operations, such as hyphenation, spelling correction, grammar and style correction, summarization, translation, etc.

Neurolingo has developed the following proofing tools for the treatment of Modern Greek:

  • Hyphenator: indicates the hyphenation points of a word so as to help typesetting systems to correctly hyphenate words near the paragraph border.
  • Speller: flags words with spelling errors and suggests orthographically correct alternatives.
  • Thesaurus: suggests synonyms and antonyms for more than 22.000 Greek words (independently of their inflections).

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