Learn about the orthography, morphology, syllabification and synonyms/antonyms of a Modern Greek word. The finest words in the world are only vain sounds, if we cannot comprehend them.

Modern Greek is a great deluge of words deriving from Ancient Greek. Through the ages some of the words started to overlap others in meaning. In addition, many of them have multiple meanings and many can be used as various parts of speech.

Lexiscope aims to clear up such issues by presenting information that clarifies the uses of any Modern Greek word or phrase. Information includes syllabification, morphology, synonyms, antonyms and any known expressions that the word may feature in.

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Lexiscope is a compound language tool that provides information about a Modern Greek word or phrase, combining the functionality of Neurolingo's Hyphenator, Speller, Lemmatizer, Morphological Lexicon and Thesaurus.

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