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Around the Black Sea

Neurolingo participates and supports the tour “Around the Black Sea” targeting at exploring geographically as well as on a linguistic level the countries that border to “Euxeinos Pontos”.

Neurolingo.com | How content becomes insight

Neurolingo announce its new corporate site Neurolingo.com aiming to present our technologies and products worldwide.

Change of address for NEUROLINGO from 20/4/2011

From April 20th, 2011 the NEUROLINGO company is moving to a new location: Vasileos Pyrrou 1 & Mikras Asias, 15233 Chalandri

Proofing Tools for MS Office 2008 Update

The buyers of Proofing Tools for MS Office 2008 can download a newer version of the tools. This version is also compatible with Microsoft Office 2011.

«Χτίζω Λέξεις» (Building Words): The new NEUROLINGO’s dictionary by KONDYLI publications

This original dictionary presents the ways in which the Modern Greek words are "built", what their constituents are and how they combine.

NEUROLINGO’s dictionaries and libraries used in the language tools by iSquare (formerly Rainbow) for Mac OS X

In a few days, the Language Tools (Modern Greek Spell checker and Modern Greek Thesaurus of synonyms and antonyms) by iSquare will be released on the market and integrated with the Apple computers. The language tools for Mac OS X (Cocoa applications) developed by iSquare are based on the corresponding language resources (dictionaries and engines) created by NEUROLINGO for spelling correction and proofing.

Training workshops on electronic dictionary design by NEUROLINGO in collaboration with KONDYLI

NEUROLINGO in collaboration with KONDYLI (http://www.kondyli.gr) provides their expertise and experience in a workshop specialised in electronic lexicography. The domain of electronic lexicography includes a series of activities related to designing, developing and managing various electronic language resources such as human-readable dictionaries, computational dictionaries for natural language processing systems, text collections (corpora), etc. The main purpose of this workshop is participants to learn how to use databases and computational tools for lexicographic applications.

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