Neurolingo Sentibet™ - Wisdom of the Sports Crowd

Sentiment based Sports Outcome Forecasting service from Neurolingo.

Neurolingo, is an innovative software company which is in the business of creating actionable information from unstructured text.

Our technology springs from our passion for the structure of language, started with software that could build online dictionaries and spell-checkers, capabilities that we continue to support.

This natural language processing technology was developed into a robust and multilingual, Text Analytics software architecture that could be easily scaled for a variety of semantic processing challenges. The result is Neurolingo Mnemosyne™, a unique, modular Text Analytics platform that can be easily adapted to any class or kind of information processing environment to power semantic information extraction, sentiment analysis, summarization, interpretation and organization.

Mnemosyne™ can be configured to "speak the language" of any industry, locality or problem domain, in essence "thinking" about language the way that people think about it. As we are moving forward expanding our business, we are willing to share with you an exciting partnership opportunity.

Constantly innovating in the field of Text Analytics, few months ago we developed a novel and spark Sports Outcome Forecasting service, focused on reflecting, in real time, the likely outcomes for upcoming sporting events around the globe.

The service is called Sentibet™ and can be found in (beta for demonstration purposes). It is a sentiment based forecasting service for the Sports sector, based on our powerful text analytics platform Neurolingo Mnemosyne™.

The service handles the on-line and automated processing of all the dynamic information posted on the social web (e.g. blogs, forums etc.), especially the social networking sites (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc.). Information is being analyzed in order to be determined whether it refers to any of the upcoming sporting events and express either a prediction, feeling or wish for the likely outcome.

The results are then further processed to produce the final SBF (sentiment based forecast) figures for each event. The service draws the common forecasting picture through its proprietary Sentiment Based Forecasting (SBF) algorithm.

SBF figures for the European Football sporting events comprises of three numbers; the SBF Home Percentage, the SBF Draw Percentage and the SBF Away Percentage and the service illustrates graphically those figures in real-time.

Although the SBF algorithm is proprietary, the service provides the ability to end users to create tailor-made and personalized SBF figures based on their own insights. Users can define their own weights to several SBF parameters such as:

  • Sentiment Type (prediction, feeling, wish),
  • Fan,
  • Confidence Rate,
  • Overconfidence,
  • Trusted Sources,
  • Success Rate, etc.

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Sentibet’s effectiveness is quite high already and we’re very proud to announce that it won the Super Bowl XLVI forecast.