Installation Instructions to NeoOffice 2.0 (PowerPC)

  1. We assume that you have installed NeoOffice 2.0 for Mac OS X on PowerPC and that you have run it at least once (so as its running parameters have been initialized).
  2. In the folder macosx_ppc of the CD-ROM with the Proofing Tools for NeoOffice you will find the archive, which contains the speller, hyphenator and thesaurus engines of NeoOffice for PowerPC platform. Copy this archive to your hard disk and unzip it with the command:
    A folder with name macosx_ppc.plt will be created, containing the files, and
  3. In the dicts folder of the CD-ROM you will find the three dictionaries used by the speller, hyphenator and thesaurus engines, i.e. the files sp_el_GR.dic, hp_el_GR.dic and th_el_GR.dic. Copy these files into the folder ~/Library/Preferences/NeoOffice-2.x/user/workbook.
  4. Start up NeoOffice and select the menu "Tools/Package Manager". In the dialog window that appears, choose "MyPackages" and click "Add". The well known file-picking dialog will appear. Locate the folder macosx_ppc.plt (which you created in the 2nd step) and pick up the file As a result, NeoOffice will install the speller engine. Repeat the procedure for the files and found in the folder macosx_ppc.plt, thus installing the hyphenator and thesaurus engines.
  5. Quit NeoOffice and start it up again. Select the menu "Tools/Options" and locate the option "Language Settings/Writing Aids", where you can activate the three proofing tool engines (see section Manual Installation, Step 4, in the CD-ROM installation instructions).